Anastasia Koutsouras

Well Being Coach | Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner & Instructor

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What begun as a personal quest for happiness, spiritual and physical healing, peace and completion 10 years ago, has turned out to be my soul’s calling to serve humanity in the very best and highest way that was revealed to me.
For the past 8 years I have been leading others through their personal awakening calling so as to make the transition to the 5D earth with ease, safety and grace.
Anastasia Koutsoura
Having assisted them through thousands of hours of personal healing sessions , group trainings and workouts both on a spiritual and physical level my divine timing was revealed to me through source.
I am of service to each and every one of you.
This is my soul’s agenda for this life, my joy and passion and ‘rent’ I have agreed to pay to creator for my time-space here on earth.
After completing my studies in marketing and advertising along with consumer behavior / psychology.
I spent 9 years of my everyday life working in the marketing and advertising field planning thousands of peoples social and business events, studying and observing their behavior, I came to realize that people are lost.
Desperately trying to fit into ‘shoes’ and lives which are deprived of their souls needs and hearts desires.
Literally human ‘robots’.
The reason I know all this is because I Have attended countless of self development seminars , coaching seminars whilst still in my studies , working for advertising companies I know how exactly this market within the matrix works.
How it utilizes the subconscious mind, psychology, sound, vibrations, light and frequencies to program minds through our instinctive responses and exactly how it leads us to a fear based, compulsive, consuming society through isolation which leads to anxiety, loneliness depression, disease, disorder and finally physical death.
My soul whispered to me: “there is something so wrong with all this Anastasia.
where am I in all this?”
“are you happy?”
The answer was “no” and then it all began:
I chose happiness and followed my inner guiding system, which led me to remember my childhood dreams, my natural intuition skills all the way to realigning with my soul, my life purpose, my mission, my passion and here I am 10 years later inspiring you to do the same.
Intuition is the key, open up to it and follow it.
If this resonates to you don’t hesitate to book a private session and begin your inner journey to healing, happiness, fulfillment, joy and abundance.
A car accident and minor spine issue led me to discover my love for pilates which I was trained to as an Instructor and so on been practicing and teaching for over 8 years now in my yoga studio Somanous which is located in Thessaloniki Greece.
A proud mother of three beautiful crystal souls who gifted me the gift on unconditional love!

Why I Chose Metaphysical Anatomy™

“If you can feel it, you can heal it”  is my motto..
SOMANOUS = (body, mind, spirit) as ONE
After having trained hundreds of people through working on them on a physical and emotional, spiritual level in my classes and one to one live (not online) private sessions for over 8 years now, I noticed (first of course on myself) that people are completely dissociated to their feelings and core emotions.
My clients had difficulty fully connecting with their bodies.
When asked how they feel, sense their body while exercising they had no wording and no way explaining what they felt, where they felt it in their body and I observed a tendency for self rejection and self abuse of their bodies.
Even though I tried through breathing and conscious focused exercises to get them to anchor in their body and raise their awareness they had a tendency to disconnect or try too hard in their effort to change their body through abusing themselves in a way that was totally unconscious.
I have worked with several amazing techniques with miraculous outcomes, but most of them either worked only spiritually and led my clients to disassociate from their emotions without even realizing it.
For years I was looking for a technique that would educate people’s minds and lead them back in touch with their physicality and emotional bodies.
Then synchronicity and serendipity led me to Evette Rose and the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique.
Because I have educated myself to always go with my gut instincts and intuition here I am today introducing you to this unique technique.
Heart to heart


  • Thetahealing Practitioner and Master Instructor

  • Usui Ryoho Reiki Master

  • MAT (Metaphysical Anatomy) Practitioner

  • Pilates Instructor

  • (BA) Marketing, Advertising, Consumer Psychology

  • Pranic Healing Practitioner

  • ERT (Emotional Release Technique) Practitioner

  • Access Consciousness Bars Technique

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