How To Become a Metaphysical Anatomy™ Practitioner

Metaphysical Anatomy™ technique was founded by Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher Evette Rose. There are two books and two training levels for those who want to become practitioners and instructors.
In order to become a Certified MAT Practitioner, you need of course to buy the books and then receive the training for both Levels 1 and 2. Learn how below.

Level 1 Training

There are currently two ways to receive Level 1 training.
Way #1: Attend one of Anastasia’s Live Events
Way#2: Get Evette’s online course for Level 1

What are the main differences between these two ways to receive Level 1?

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The live event is 16 hours long, while the online recorded course is 6.

Personal demo sessions with Anastasia are included in the live event

You’ll get to work on each other and practice everything you learn we will clear your trauma and stress with the level 1 tools.

All of your questions will be answered live

Course Material in Greek Language (great for Greek students)

Personal follow up with Anastasia on FB Groups where the team can get help

You will also be added to Metaphysical Anatomy Level 1 Facebook group and whats up group for personal guidance from Evette Rose

Level 2 Training

Level 2 requires your attendance in a 5 Day Live event with Evette Rose.
Evette has professional doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, life coaches, hypnotherapists, reflexologists and universities apply her books and research as part of their curriculums at educational facilities as well as medical and alternative practices worldwide.
If you are ready for big changes whether it’s for your own personal growth, to become a Rapid Growth MAT Advanced Practitioner or take your own practice to a new cutting-edge level, then this course is for YOU!