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During an MA Session, you are going to complete old and stagnant trauma cycles in a way that is so gentle that you don’t even realize that you will be resolving deep old wounds from the past. Book now.

What is a Metaphysical Anatomy Session and How it Works

The healing is so advanced that it resolves trauma from womb stages, conception and ancestry. The level of awareness of both your parents at the time of your conception plays a vital role in your level of awareness and consciousness. If there was conflict, stress or some level of negativity at the time it will have an impact on your emotional states.

It is also important to remember that we are not the first generation to experience feelings and traumas. There is a pre-disposition for almost every single emotion. Every feeling that you have (whether you have felt it consciously or not) has been experienced by an ancestor and it’s programmed in the biological make-up.

This means that even though you heal the trauma or negative feeling in your life (trauma caused by events in your life), there is still a predisposition for it in your biological make-up from your ancestry which is stored in the Master Cell (nuclues cell).

I will guide you through a gentle meditation that allows you to gently and spontaneously complete old trauma cycles, which then allows your natural positive emotional states to surface again. It really is that simple!

30 min MA Session 125€

During MA Sessions we address and heal your blocks and challenges.

60 min MA Session 250€

Ideal for everyone who needs more time.

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