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Level 2 Metaphysical Anatomy Certified Practitioner Training

A 5 day course that will assist you into reconnecting to your body and master your communication skills with it.

This Course is a Continuation of the Level 1 Practitioner Training and Certification.

In this course we will be building on your level 1 knowledge and after completing it you  will receive a level 2 Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner Certificate along with all the support from Evette Rose and the MAT team.

Knowing your emotions and your instinctive responses gives you immense power and the confidence you need to make new decisions, take action instead of automated  reaction in every circumstance and area of your life.

You will have new healthy body and environment for yourself and be able to pin point all your emotional triggers immediately.

If  you  already are  a practitioner of any healing  modality or business it will equip you with knowledge, techniques and all  psychosomatic root causes for over 670 ailments, diseases and disorders.

I was privileged by Evette Rose in 2017 to be the 1st ever teacher trained by her to teach metaphysical anatomy technique in Greece to my students and then around the globe. 

Since then I have trained over 140 people and worked with thousands of my clients on all sorts of their issues utilizing MAT and its effective tools in trauma completion. 

Limited Seats Available & Expected To Sell Out Fast
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What will you master on this metaphysical anatomy level 2 advanced course?

  • Intuitive skills in body scanning and reading the body.

  • Safe and effective way to open up your intuition and enhance your trust in the way you personally connect to your intuition.

  • How to decode the body’s messages, sensations with accuracy.

  • How to remove all energy blocks and excessive energy levels in the body so as it can complete trauma and be peaceful, calm and relaxed.

Course Time

May 22: Day 1 | 12:00 – 20:00

May 23: Day 2 | 12:00 – 20:00

May 24: Day 3 | 12:00 – 20:00

May 25: Day 4 | 12:00 – 20:00

May 26: Day 5 | 12:00 – 20:00

Check the local time in Greece below and click here (a new tab will open) to convert it to your timezone.
Time in Thessaloniki:

MASTER how to resolve different types of trauma epigenetic, womb, accidents, ailments etc without ever having to recall the memories or reliving it at the risk of being traumatised all over again. 

  • How to effectively remove trauma from the body without having any memory of it so ever.

  • Recognise how epigenetic trauma is passed down through generations in order to resolve it for yourself and your family.

  • Completing trauma and just surving trauma

  • Dive into the emotional body to heal the physical one.
Learn how to work with physical pain due to accidents or ailments.
Resolve emotional stress you picked up from others believing its yours on the day of the accident.
Learn to focus on symptoms  of trauma which are the  emotions and instinctive responses and let them be your guide while the body recalls the point of creation of each trauma through its innate wisdom to completion.

We will learn how to directly communicate with the body

  • Learn how to scan the brain and work with neurotransmitters

  • Learn the secrets of the spinal cord and all the ancestral trauma and conflict in values it may hold

  • Learn all about the mirror neurons and copying mechanisms and  how depression may appear in the body

  • Learn all about the nervous system

  • Learn all about the functions of the brainstem and pain

  • Learn about the Amygdala (the 4 year inner child within)

  • The Limbic system and emotions

  • The magic Master Cell that can be any cell in the body

  • Learn how ancestral trauma is passed through the DNA and how to resolve it and symptoms in the body

You will also learn

The most important aspects of womb healing and negative associations with mum, dad and the environment how they affect the fetus in each month.

Associations to life, nurture, trust and so much more.

All your life is a representation of the womb, the emotions and instinctive responses.

How to work with and resolve addictions, trauma bonding.

We will explore the psycho-somatic issues, root causes of addictive behaviour and learn how to pin point the starting point of this coping mechanism.


    • You received the MAT LEVEL 2 practitioners certificate that will allow you to provide MAT Level 2 sessions with clients if you wish to go professionally.
    • Support from me with a live online webinar to help you with the process.

After certification support services include:

  • Access to the Level 2 Membership Site

  • Access to live and online level 2 webinars with Evette Rose author and founder of Metaphysical Anatomy

  • Access to Facebook private groups

  • Access to the online support forum

  • Access and Q/A by Evette

  • Access to all resources on how to set up your MAT business and so much more information

and also regular MAT Level 2 healing swaps with practitioners all over the globe

MAT Level 2 with Anastasia Koutsouras
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Still wondering why MAT Level 2 with Anastasia?

Anastasia has been a Well Being Coach since 2010 when she founded SOMANOUS a yoga Pilates, meditation and alternative health studio in Thessaloniki Greece.

Having coached on both a physical and energetic/spiritual level thousands of clients on one to one personal coaching, group trainings and seminars with multiple techniques she has mastered.

Synchronicity led her to meet up with Evette’s work in 2017 and very soon she became a metaphysical anatomy practitioner and instructor having founded Metaphysical Anatomy Greece under the guidance and trust of Evette Rose.

Heart to heart
Your Anastasia

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May 22, 2021
May 26, 2021
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