What is Metaphysical Anatomy™?

Metaphysical Anatomy™ technique was founded by Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher Evette Rose. In short it consists of two books and two training levels for those who want to become practitioners and instructors.
The Metaphysical Anatomy™ book Volume 1, describes medical conditions from A – Z. Although the emotional components of each disease are the key focus, the book offers much more.
For example, Metaphysical Anatomy includes step-by-step guide for identifying the origin of the disease process, whether the origin lies in your ancestry, conception, womb, birth or childhood. Trauma that you experienced in your lifetime only triggered pre-existing traumas.
Our current and past relationships and experiences influence our body, not in a vague or spiritual way, but in a concrete and deterministic way. With the skills and information shared in the more than 700 pages and 679 medical conditions, you can read your body like a book.

After reading the book:

  • You will understand the causes of emotional, mental and physical ailments that stem from your ancestry, conception, birth and childhood.
  • If you are an alternative practitioner you will quickly sharpen your skills, learn powerful approaches to identify, address and resolve emotional, mental and physical ailments. Once you have read this book containing valuable information, you will understand and work more efficiently with your clients.
  • You will understand specific diseases, emotional components and accurate key points. The information on these components and key points can guide you to finding your core issues as well as effective alternative healing.
  • You will understand your trauma: beliefs and emotions are often only the symptoms of our problems and not the cause! Find out why!
  • You will be blown away by the in-depth and detailed information that is shared in this book – you will not be disappointed!

What Makes Metaphysical Anatomy™ Different?

Although many books have tried to describe medical conditions and relevant underlying emotional components before, Metaphysical Anatomy™ is very different.
In the book, the author explains the significance and cause of medical conditions and identifies associated emotional, ancestral and conception obstacles.
The author continued to share instructions and guidelines for resolving these obstacles, offering effective improvement of your life quality. Cross-referencing numerous excellent texts, the author added her own experience as a therapist.
Metaphysical Anatomy™ is an invaluable reference that will support, guide and help individuals who are willing to learn and understand their body’s language and individuals who are willing to follow through by changing their lives.
The information shared in this book is not just your average “I have seen this before” research. This book is written for the benefit of therapists seeking guidance to improve their clients’ quality of life.
Therapists will love this book! You will not only learn new information, you will also sharpen your skills. You will be able to support your clients in a new and unique way.
The book is also easily accessible for the general public searching for answers about their own health, emotional and mental well-being.
You can drastically improve your quality of life! This book is an amazing and invaluable resource – for everyone.

How Does it Work?

“If you can feel it, you can heal it’
Your body has all the resources and knowledge to heal itself.
When you get cut, what closes the wounds?
when you get a flue, what fights the infection?
The only thing that prevents you from living a healthy, balanced, creative, happy, fulfilling life is incomplete trauma and the way it has affected your mind.
It is through your mind and nervous system that you perceive everything.
From your identity, your reality, how you relate and communicate to others or not, how you interact with your environment in a co-existing and co-dependant way.
You are a sensual being that was created to co-exist with all other human beings and all of creation.
Even before you were born you were encoded with all the codes of creation.
It is through your genetic makeup and ancestral predispositions, your ancestors experiences and later on your own that you perceive yourself and create yourself through self awareness every living moment.
The MAT technique allows you to fully understand how this wise mechanism works and educates you through the process of fully awakening to your authentic self.
It provides all the necessary knowledge and tools for you to complete old stagnant trauma and release all negative emotions that are blocking you from reaching your natural calm state so as to co Create the life that you want and you desire through conscious choice and not through fear and trauma.
It does this through simple steps and acknowledgements.
And along with the energetic tools it provides and your body’s innate wisdom , once the trauma is complete and the dissociative state is dealt with a whole new world of possibilities shall be revealed.